AKCOME 415 Watt 120 Cell Mono 9BB 1/3 Cut Module Solar Panel-SKA508HVC-415W

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Cell Quantity: 120 cells

Solar Technology: MONO 9BB 1/3 Cut Module

Power Source: Solar

Size: 1755 X 1096 X 30mm

MPN: Does Not Apply

Colour: Black


Type: Solar Panel

Product Type: Solar Panels

Model: SKA508HVC-415W

Recommended Environment: Outdoor

Resistance Properties: Waterproof

Application: Camping/Hiking,Commercial,Home/Garden

Power: 415 W

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Akcome Group was founded in China in 2006, listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange in 2010 (SZ 002610) www.akcome.com. We are a global organization operating in over 30 countries and currently employ more than 6000 employees. We are a leading manufacturer integrating design, production, sales, and service of PV modules and mounting systems, cutting-edge technology and professional services assist in our product being specified for use in China as well as overseas, including Japan, Russia, Germany, and Australia. We integrate production and design and follow up services on our solar systems, regardless of the size. Our expertise is PV modules / solar panels (both polycrystalline and monocrystalline), and mounting systems.

In 2014, Akcome was registered in Queensland, supporting by the Akcome Group's reputation in the solar industry market, focuses on solar power plant constructions, project management, and O&M as well as distributing Akcome Tier-1 PV module and mounting system Australia wide.

25 Years Product Warranty / 25 Years Performance Warranty 

  • 30mm Thickness
  • High Efficiency 
  • Excellent Low-Irradiance Performance
  • Anti-PID Design
  • Harsh Environment Adaptability
  • Robust Mechanical Durability