Growatt 6kW Hybrid Single Phase 2 MPPT Solar Inverter SPH6000TL BL-UP

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The Growatt hybrid inverters 3000-6000TL BL-UP are the ideal for new installation and the retrofitting of an existing solar panel system. It has a high level of protection IP65, more durable and flexible for installation and multiple programmable work modes. The EPS output can even provide back-up supply during the absence of the network.

Leading Functions
.UPS function, 10ms transition
.Scalable system available
High Yields
.DC/AC ratio up to 2.0
.Dual MPP trackers
System Flexibility
.Support lithium and lead-acid battery
.VPP interface ready
.Smart load control via dry contact

The Growatt 6kW Hybrid 1 Ph 2 MPPT Solar Inverter WiFi - SPH6000TL BL-UP is a newly designed solar inverter with a white colour and superior corrosion, dust, and weather resistance. It features an LCD display, Wi-Fi port and double Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology for efficient power output. It can generate up to 20-29A and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A great choice for agricultural, back-up power, and commercial applications.

Weight (kg):    27.0

Length (mm):  461

Height (mm):  188

Width (mm):   565


  • Smart load management via dry contact
  • UPS function, 10ms transistion
  • Scalable system configuration
  • VPP interface ready
  • Remote smart O&M
  • 1.5 DC/AD Ratio

Warranty Information (From Install)

  • Commercial Use

  • 10 Year Full Warranty Once Registered
  • Domestic Use

  • 10 Year Full Warranty Once Registered
  • Warranty Period

  • 10 Year Full Warranty Once Registered



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