Growatt SPI 2200TL Solar pump inverter MPPT PV input max 450V

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This is a solar pump inverter which allows power to be switched from the AC/DC power obtained from solar panels and gird to the AC power needed to control the pump. 

This solar pump inverters are built-in with Boost circuit for MPPT solar charger to maximize solar power, and able to set the priority of PV and utility grid input. The inverter is suitable for submersible pumps, ground pumps, swimming pool pumps and other pumps using asynchronous motors.

Rated power 2200W
Inbuilt MPPT solar controller
Inbuilt BOOST circuit for broaden PV voltage range
Automatic selection of photovoltaic and AC power
IP65 protection level
Built-in full protection and self-diagnosis
Soft start function
Comprehensive LCD and LEDs display real-time system status
Remote monitoring through GPRS /WIFI(optional)