Top Lithium Battery 12V 300Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Recycle Camping RV Solar

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12V  300Ah Lifepo4 battery 

Our TL12-300 is a 12V 300Ah lithium deep cycle battery. This  lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is ready to replace your heavy lead-acid battery bank in your sailboat, RV or solar energy system. It’s only 27KG for a true 300 Amp Hour lithium battery that provides 100% of its rated capacity. The TL12-300 gives you the flexibility to replace several small, heavier lead-acid batteries in a single high capacity unit.

LiFePO4 batteries are lighter, take less space and last longer. While the up-front cost is higher than Gel, AGM or Lead-Acid the overall cost of ownership is lower over time because they require no maintenance and they have up to 10x longer life.

The TL12-300 offers high, reliable performance in any climate or condition for RVs, campers, sailboats and battery-based solar systems.

All TL12-300 Batteries use the safest and most stable components, including 4X A class prismatic  LiFePO4 cells  and a built-in Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS ensures a long lifetime, good performance battery.

Pickup available form our Wetherill Park warehouse in Sydney.

Product Detail Specs:

Inside Cell:

  • Capacity:300AH;
  • Rated voltage(V):3.2V;
  • Internal Resistance (mOmega):≤1.3mΩ;
  • Battery material: Lithium iron phosphate.

Battery Pack:

  • Combination method: 4 Series ;
  • Minimal capacity:≥≥299Ah;
  • Nominal voltage:12.8V;
  • Max.charge voltage:14.6V;
  • Discharge cut-off voltage:le10.5V;
  • Max charge current:200A;
  • Max discharge current:200A;
  • Weight (Approx.): 27kg;
  • Max. dimension(L×W×H):532x207x215mm
  • Operating temperature:-20℃~60℃

Protection Board (BMS)

  • Single cell over-charge cut-off voltage: 3.85V;
  • over-charge release voltage: 3.65V;
  • Single cell under-discharge cut-off voltage: 2.3V;
  • Discharge release voltage:2.5V;
  • Over-discharge cut-off current: 400A(30S);
  • Over-discharge cut-off current delay: 1.5S;
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes
  • Short-circuit protection delay:300-800uS;
  • Condition for the recovery of over-current and Short-circuit:self